A Man Accidentally 'Deleted' His Entire Company Thanks To A Single Line Of Code

This guy is having a worse day than you...
kynny via Getty Images

When it comes to having a bad day at work, this guy might have us all beat.

Marco Marsala appears to have deleted his entire company with just one incorrectly entered piece of code.

Marsala runs a server hosting company and took to IT forum 'Server Fault' to ask the community for help.

Server Fault

Essentially what Marsala did was run a piece of code that targets, and then utterly wipes any data that it has been instructed to find.

This line of code is usually used when deleting backups of data stored inside computers.

Unfortunately it seems that Marsala did not specify which piece of information the server should delete, and so in the absence of a location the server wiped everything, backups and all.

The catastrophic error was so severe that some users on the forum have even called out the potential calamity as a fake, suggesting that Marsala is simply trolling the site.

Others however have been considerably more helpful with one user posting a lengthy response in an effort to try and help him recover the data.

Thankfully it seems that disaster has been very narrowly avoided as Marsala responded to one of the answers saying that he was able to recover most of the data.

Server Fault

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