People getting caught in their underwear, dogs ruining weather forecasts, boyfriends running head first into walls and using the toilet on a conference call. The internet has been useful during lockdown, but a curse for some.
Because we all do stuff like this sometimes
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Despite the best of intentions, we all fail sometimes when it comes to looking after babies. Our intentions are always good
It's been an Olympiad full of FAILS.
WARNING: Contains those gross leg and arm breaking videos The Olympics has been full of oddities this year, from the green
This is just six minutes of cringe-inducing hilarity.
Olympians train for years to be the best in their sports, and they tend to make it look a lot easier than it really is. That’s
The booby traps of being a parent we bet you've tripped into too
Sometimes life, not to mention 'truthful' kids, foil our best parenting intentions (and bite us in the bum). Recognise these