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14 Hilarious Parenting Fails We've All Experienced

Because we all do stuff like this sometimes

Despite the best of intentions, we all fail sometimes when it comes to looking after babies. Our intentions are always good but we forget things, we’re a bit too ambitious or we could just really do with one good night’s sleep.

Do these sound familiar?

When you just knew your baby needed a nap
In a cot. An hour ago.
When you're determined to introduce your baby to new taste sensations
But you feel BAD.
When you did wonder if your baby was too big for that cot
But got a surprise when you woke up with his fingers in your eyes.
When you see what your baby's dad has dressed her in
Brooke HawleyBasso
Yes, we know it's control freakery but seriously does he not know?
When you realise there's a full nappy bag in your bag
Because you just pulled it out at work while rummaging for a pen.
When you discover there's baby sick down your back or your top's on inside out
HOURS after you arrived at work.
When you just knew that baby walker was a bad idea
Toddler baby + wheels = accident waiting to happen.
When you've taken dressing up your baby in cute costumes just a bit too far
It started with sharing snaps of your baby wearing a cute hat at a perky angle and before you know it...
When you run out of nappies
BruesWu via Getty Images
And only discover you've used up every single spare one, after you've taken the dirty one off.
When you think passers-by are smiling at your baby because he's just so cute but...'s because his face is entirely hidden by his hat.
When you let your baby self-feed
Echo via Getty Images
Aeroplane spoon into mouth was so much easier.
When you leave your baby for just one second (or in the care of older siblings!)
That's peanut butter, in case you were wondering.