This Woman's Ex-Husband Asked Her To Be A Surrogate... For His New Girlfriend

"I have no idea why he would even ask me."
Pregnant woman looking at ultrasound results in the bed at home
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Pregnant woman looking at ultrasound results in the bed at home

In the Reddit thread r/relationship_advice, app user u/AdditionFamiliar655 shared a post captioned “My (30f) ex-husband (36m) wants me to be a surrogate for him and his girlfriend because her body is ‘too perfect to ruin.’”

“A few months ago I made a post about my ex-husband,” she began her entry, referring to an old post she wrote about taking her baby daughter from her then-husband’s care after discovering he was allegedly neglecting her throughout the day.

“Since then we have had little to no communication except through a third party because we have a daughter together,” the poster said, adding that “he does absolutely nothing for her. He asked for full custody because he didn’t want to pay child support. I finally got him to agree to supervised visits and zero child support.“

She hasn’t spoken to him over the past three months, nor has he seen their daughter, she says. But recently, he reached out ― with a very, very bold request.

The husband asked his ex-wife to be a surrogate for his new girlfriend

Recently, the woman’s ex-husband has reached out to tell her about his “hot 18-year-old girlfriend,” she says ― ostensibly sharing the information because his daughter might meet this person someday.

“But he’s always ‘accidentally’ sending me nudes of bikini pictures of her. Or ‘accidentally’ sending me messages meant for her,” the poster said (which, if true, could mean he’s breaking the law).

Then, came a truly audacious request ― he asked his ex-wife to carry their child as a surrogate. “He’s irresponsible and she’s immature so they would make horrible parents. But he wants me to carry their child,” the poster said.

The reason is perhaps even more appalling (if that’s possible) ― he said “her teenage body is so ‘hot and sexy’ and that I’m ‘old and used,’” the 30 (only 30, mind!!!)-year-old alleges.

“I have no idea why he would even ask me. Why is he telling me about her body? Why does he want me involved in any sort of way? It’s all so weird,” she added.

People were ― well, appalled

“I can confidently say he will win the 2024 prize for sheer audacity,” one commenter said.

“Ask your lawyer to revisit child support. Give him a good laugh. But if he can afford more children……. Save all you can. Video tape him,” another recommended.

“He no longer has control so he’s trying to make you feel ugly and well, used up. I agree, go for child support, get your child away from this man. The misogyny and general unpleasantness of this man will seep into your child,” yet another person said.

Yet another poster said “He’s the poster child for ‘I got my lobotomy at Claire’s.’ That’s how he met his new girlfriend, duh.“

What a wild ride...