Kind-Hearted Man Feeds 80 Stray Dogs Every Single Day

'I simply could not stand to see dogs in distress.'

Michael Baines moved from his native Sweden to Thailand 14 years ago and at the time, he had no idea how vital he'd become in his new community.

Today, Baines feeds around 80 stray dogs every single day and dedicates hours of his time every week to helping homeless pups in his local area.

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Baines first started helping Thailand's stray dogs after a malnourished pup arrived at the restaurant he was working at five years ago.

The sight of the dog broke his heart and he set about finding suitable food to feed the pooch.

“That’s how it all started,” he told Newsner. “And then it just kept going. I simply could not stand to see dogs in distress.”

Baines now spends around £700 each month on dry food, rice, oil, steamed fish, chicken, and homemade broth for around 80 stray dogs.

Some of the money is donated by people in the local community, but often Baines will end up buying the supplies with his own funds.

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“The dogs that I take care of are doing well, though many still suffer from lack of food or medicine," he said.

"I mix deworming medicine into their food once a month, so that helps with fighting against heartworms and ticks."

Since helping that first dog five years ago, Baines has helped 100 dogs get sterilised and around 40 find loving homes.

Judging by the photos on his Facebook page, the pups are all very grateful for his efforts.

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