Man Makes Wife-To-Be Magical 'Harry Potter' Pensieve As Wedding Gift

Dumbledore would approve.

A husband created his wife-to-be the most magical wedding gift ever by making a pensieve straight out of ‘Harry Potter’.

The man, known only as Imgur user duffmanszalotathings, shared photos of his creation online and explained how the muggle-made present works.

First, he bought a wand and attached a magnet to the end of it.

Then, he attended pottery class to make a personalised bowl.

Next, he wrote happy memories on tiny scrolls of paper.

Then he placed the memories into bottles.

He added magnets to each bottle to make them “magical” (and would attach to his wand).

And finished things off by giving his bride blank scrolls for all their happy memories to come.

We think it’s better than the original.

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