Man Tracks Down Author Of 15-Year-Old Note Found In House, Strikes Up Online Friendship

Anything's possible with social media.

A digital marketeer has developed an unusual online friendship, after tracking down the man who left a note hidden in his fireplace 15 years ago on Twitter.

Alex Moss was redecorating his bedroom when he found the note, hidden away in his fireplace.

It reads: "Hello, welcome to my room it's 2001 and I am decorating this room.

"Hope you enjoy life, remember that I will always be watching you! L8ers, Darren Clucas."

Having our bedroom floor replaced. Opened up the fireplace and was met with this… #finddarrenclucas #manchester

— Alex Moss (@alexmoss) March 11, 2016

Despite the note being slightly creepy, Moss decided to share it on Twitter with the hashtag #finddarrenclucas in a bid to track down its author.

And the power of social media certainly delivered, as within hours Darren had been found.

What's even more beautiful is the fact that the pair struck up an instant friendship and began talking about how much they loved the house. N'aww.

@alexmoss I'm not watching I promise.. Enjoy Guest Road. What a house.

— dclu (@D_Clucas) March 11, 2016

@D_Clucas haha the amazing power of social. Yeah I know! Good shower too :-D

— Alex Moss (@alexmoss) March 11, 2016

@alexmoss wait till the garden blooms in summer!

— dclu (@D_Clucas) March 11, 2016

@D_Clucas yeah I can see things starting to sprout now. Should I send a pic of the room once it’s done or will it look weird for you?

— Alex Moss (@alexmoss) March 11, 2016

@alexmoss family lived there for 20 years.Bit emotional leaving. I will hold on to the memories I have! But thanks mate.

— dclu (@D_Clucas) March 11, 2016

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