06/05/2016 15:32 BST | Updated 06/05/2016 15:47 BST

Man Tries To Sue God For Being Mean To Him

An Israeli man has applied to the country’s courts for a restraining order against God.

In a report by Walla News, the unnamed man is said to have petitioned Haifa Magistrates’ Court, claiming the deity has been particularly unkind to him.

According to Israeli site NRG, the man told the judge: “For the past three years he started to treat me harshly and not nicely."

Danita Delimont via Getty Images
Did the Almighty attend court? Or was he merely exercising the right to remain silent? 

He acknowledged police had attended his home in the northern port city of Haifa ten times, but claimed the unjust treatment – the details of which were not specified - continued.

Writing for the Times of Israel, Stuart Winer wryly noted: “A protocol of the hearing noted that God did not turn up for the session, although it did not specify how the court determined the Omnipresent was not in fact there, as opposed to merely exercising the right to remain silent.”

Sadly for the plaintiff, the judge determined the request to be delusional and refused to grant the order.