18/12/2017 11:27 GMT | Updated 18/12/2017 17:47 GMT

Man Wins Christmas With Train Set Carrying Gin From Kitchen To Sofa

Nailed it.

Transport historian Tim Dunn has devised an innovative way to make Christmas even merrier. 

Tim - who you might remember from the BBC’s Trainspotting Live - has built the ultimate device for delivering booze to the lounge: a 40ft train track complete with an operating train and ‘bar car’.

The train is on a timer, so every two minutes it transports drinks into the living room via a fairy light-adorned trailer - an adult version of The Polar Express. 

Explaining what inspired the idea, Tim told HuffPost UK: “Model trains can often be a solitary pursuit - but I tend to have more fun when I’m sharing my railway-related hobbies with friends.

“My boyfriend and I had a Christmas drinks party this weekend - so last week I dug out a whole load of my old garden railway model trains and track, bought a special timer unit so that it would shuttle end-to-end every two minutes, and set it up on the floor.

“I converted a toy Playmobil train to run on the track, hooked up a couple of wagons bedecked in LED Christmas lights and, throughout the weekend, drinks were made in the kitchen and sent out to guests across the flat every two minutes.”

Needless to say, when Tim shared a video of the track on Twitter, the internet was thoroughly impressed.

It’s not the first time Tim has utilised a toy train for entertainment purposes. At a Eurovision party earlier this year, he set up a track with a smaller train to carry vodka shots to guests.

“All the best trains have a bar car, you see,” he added.

The train fanatic has since urged others to dig out their own train sets for serving purposes this Christmas. We think he’s onto something.