Don't Fancy The Gym? Manchester Has Launched A 'Bouncy Castle' Fitness Class

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Everyone knows that getting back on the healthy bandwagon in January, after a month of pigs in blankets and Baileys, can be a hard sell.

Although for the sake of our long-term health, it’s probably not such a bad idea to exercise more than just walking from the sofa to the fridge.

But that doesn’t mean we need to be tied to the gym and the treadmill, which is where the UK’s latest fitness class comes in.

Inflata Nation is a Manchester based inflatable theme park that has launched a series of fitness classes for the new year - essentially a bouncy form of HIIT.

Claiming to be the UK’s first (and largest) park, they have timetabled classes for both adults and children, because what is better than a bouncy castle to help you get fit, right?

Adult-only sessions four times a week, as well as an Inflata Tots class for pre-schoolers and their parents or carers to attend, in the safety of knowing they won’t be bumped into by adults.

They also offer disability friendly sessions, giving those with additional needs and their families or carers a calmer, quieter environment.

All sessions aim to combine some circuit training with moves like burpees and tuck jumps - as well as going up and down the slides as quickly as possible.

And, according to instructor Emma Roycroft, each session can burn up to 700 calories as well as giving your abs a tough workout worthy of any gym session.

“What we’re seeing in fitness classes is that bouncing around like a mad thing actually burns much more - and is a lot more fun than going to the gym, too,” she told Manchester Evening News.

Anyone fancy a gym buddy trip to Manchester?