15/09/2016 11:24 BST | Updated 15/09/2016 13:30 BST

Manchester To Ibiza Flight: Four Women Thrown Off For 'Racist Threats And Abuse'

'I'd love to see if they're as brave without any alcohol'

Four women were thrown off a flight from Manchester to Ibiza this week after allegedly shouting racist abuse and threats at their fellow passengers.

Police were called to the Monarch flight ZB504 on the tarmac at Manchester Airport on Tuesday evening, after the captain and several travellers dialed 999 to complain about the foursome, whom are thought to be aged between 20-25.

Several groups of passengers asked stewards if they could be moved away from the group, including a first time flyer who was travelling with Amber Elouise Ferguson.

Facebook Amber Elouise Ferguson
The women are alleged to have hurled racist slurs and threats at their fellow passengers 

Ferguson, 25, posted pictures of the women on Facebook, writing:

“Anyone know these three girls? Just delayed our plane to Ibiza, they’ve been racist, making rude comments and threatening people! If you know them or are related to them you should be ashamed to know such disgusting human beings!!

Facebook Amber Elouise Ferguson
Amber Elouise Ferguson posted images of the women asking for them to be identified 

“Luckily for them the police came and took them off the flight because I got told I don’t know who I’m dealing with (hahah okay!) and our friend who’s flying is extremely nervous and it’s his first time flying and he had to sit right in front of them being harassed!

“It’s disgusting! I’d love to be reunited with them and see if they’re as brave without any alcohol!”

Facebook Amber Elouise Ferguson
The four women were eventually removed from the flight 

Speaking later to the Manchester Evening News, she claimed the group was overheard planning to “fight” the passengers who had complained about them, once the seatbelt signs had been turned off.

She added: “I think their behaviour was disgusting, everyone on the way to Ibiza gets merry and loud but it’s usually just fun banter.

“They took it to a whole other level by using extremely racist words and threatening people. They caused nothing but trouble and verbally abused everyone in their path. It’s unacceptable, childish, uneducated behaviour. The girls should be utterly ashamed and disgusted with themselves.

“It could have ended up being a very dangerous flight.”

A Monarch Airlines spokesman confirmed the group was removed from the flight with the assistance of Greater Manchester Police.

He added: “Monarch takes a zero tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour on board all of our flights. The safety and security of passengers is our absolute priority.”

No arrests were made and no further action was taken.