10/04/2018 12:46 BST

'Marcella' Series 3 Could Be On The Cards, Says Creator Hans Rosenfeldt

Its future on ITV remains unclear.

‘Marcella’ writer and creator Hans Rosenfeldt has given fans hope of a third series of the hit crime noir. 

The second series reached a gruesome ending on Monday (9 April) night, when not only was the serial killer was revealed, but explorations into DS Marcella Backland’s past lead to some shocking developments. 

The second series of 'Marcella' reached a gripping conclusion

With Marcella now believed to be dead by those in her life, the final scene of the show saw her approached by a mystery agent while sleeping rough, asking her to come and work undercover as a shadow agent. 

With many fans believing this could pave the way for a return of the show, Hans is hoping it is not the end of Marcella’s story just yet. 

We want to do it,” he told HuffPost UK. “But it’s really up to ITV whether they want to commission series three.

“The final scene in the last episode is basically a prologue for a third series, so we’re really setting it up.”

No official announcement has been made by ITV and HuffPost UK has contacted a spokesperson for comment.  

Hans Rosenfeldt hopes Anna Friel will be back as the disturbed detective 

Hans has also addressed fans who are frustrated over why a number of story strands relating to the supporting characters in the case were not tied up in the finale. 

He said: “People get a little bit like, ‘What happened to that? What happened to this?’ but there’s really no answer. They were in the show for a couple of episodes and once we had no use for them, we don’t really try to wrap it up for them. That’s like real life where you don’t really know what happened to them.

“The episode was very emotional, so hopefully that will take away any element of disappointment. We are very happy with it, and we think it is really, really good.” 

The complete second series of ‘Marcella’ is available to watch now on the ITV Hub.