Margot Robbie, From 'Neighbours' To 'Suicide Squad': 7 Steps To Stardom

The Australian actress has gone from TV soap to franchise heroine in six years.

What many actresses have previously only dreamt of, Margot Robbie has seemingly pulled off.

With news today that Warner Bros are chewing on the prospect of a spin-off film for her ‘Suicide Squad’ character, bat-crazy Harley Quinn, it appears the Australian actress has taken on the superhero industry and emerged triumphant.

If they sign on the dotted line, not only will Margot take centre stage in the new proposed film, she’ll also be producing it - fitting as it’s her own concept, inspired by the female Marvel characters she enjoyed.

More inspiring still, EW Online reports that several of the DC world’s female heroines and villains will also feature, which means we might get to see Batgirl and Girls of Prey.

How has this effervescent former soap star succeeded where others, ahead of even Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow? Here are her seven steps to superstardom…

Robbie began appearing as Donna Freedman on 'Neighbours' from June 2008. The character was originally only a guest role, but she was soon promoted to a regular cast member. Her character's storyline, including marriage to Ringo, made her one of Ramsay Street's most popular characters, but in 2010, Margot announced she was off, to follow her Hollywood dream.
Pan Am
In 2011, Margot auditioned for the new series of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ in LA. Instead, she got a role in ‘Pan Am’ alongside Christina Ricca, about a group of flight attendants. The show was cancelled after only one season, but Margot had caught sufficient attention to be on her way.
About Time
A longtime fan of Richard Curtis, Margot joined the cast of his romantic comedy ‘About Time’, appearing alongside Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy. Her role wasn’t the largest, but it was good enough to catch the eye of another big-time director.
The Wolf of Wall Street
Margot won out against a catalogue of better-known stars for the role of Naomi in Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, matching Leonardo DiCaprio in every scene. The film was nominated for five Oscars, and became Scorsese’s bigger ever hit. Critic Sasha Stone wrote, "She's Scorsese's best blonde bombshell discovery since Cathy Moriarty in ‘Raging Bull’.
Margot told HuffPostUK her phone rang and a voice said, ‘It’s Will Smith’ so she hung up, thinking it was a pal’s prank. Nonetheless, she’d been sought to play his love interest in the cooky rom-com about two hustlers. So strong was their chemistry, she was accused of an affair with her co-star, something she told HuffPostUK she managed to ignore, because she was useless at reading things on the internet.
The Legend of Tarzan
Another year, another bit of sizzling chemistry, this time with Alexander Skarsgard in the retelling of the Tarzan myth. Margot reportedly beat Emma Stone to the role of Jane.
Suicide Squad
Two years ago, she was first approached by Warner Bros to play Harley Quinn in their latest DC Comics outing. The film will be coming out in August. And then her next chapter will begin.

'Suicide Squad' will be in cinemas in August 2016.


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