Mariah Carey Decrees The Festive Season Has Begun, So We Suppose The Festive Season Has Begun

The music legend marked the beginning of Christmas with a suitably over-the-top video.

Everyone knows at this point that it’s not the start of the Christmas season until Mariah Carey says it is.

Well, excitingly, Mariah Carey says it is.

In the lead-up to Halloween, Mimi responded to one fan who pointed out there’d already been a surge in searches for her seminal festive hit All I Want Christmas Is You, tweeting simply: “Not yet.”

Just a few days later, though, and Mariah decreed that the festive season had officially started with a suitably ridiculous video posted on her Twitter page.

The short clip showed a creepy masked figure opening a dar marked “not yet” (you see what she did there?), only to reveal Mariah sitting in a winter wonderland on the other side, surrounded by Christmas trees and fake snow.

“It’s tiiiiime,” the music legend then announced, jingling some bells to give everyone the full effect.

Let’s face it, even if it does feel a little early to be breaking the decorations out, we could probably all do with some festive cheer now more than ever, right?

If all of that wasn’t camp enough, days prior to her Christmassy post, Mariah took part in a sketch for Bette Midler’s virtual Halloween fundraiser, which saw the Oscar-winning star reprising her iconic role from the cult film Hocus Pocus.

In the scene, Mariah opens the door to a trick-or-treating Sanderson sister, only to tell her: “I got news for you, girl. Halloween’s nearly over. So scat! It’s my turn now… get out!”

While Mariah is not exactly one for taking an understated approach at the best of times, the festive season is the time she’s known for getting really extra, famously appearing in a totally over-the-top Christmas ad for Walkers crisps in 2019 .

This year, it seems she has something else up her sleeve, teasing what looked to be a festive collaboration with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson.

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