Marjorie Taylor Greene Escalates War With ‘Nasty Little B***h’ Lauren Boebert

The Republican spilled the beans on the House floor in spat with her fellow MAGA extremist.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has upped the heat in her ongoing feud with fellow far-right star and Republican Lauren Boebert.

Citing anonymous sources, the Daily Beast had reported that the months-long beef boiled over on the House floor on Wednesday, culminating in Greene calling Boebert a “little bitch”.

Speaking to Semafor, Greene confirmed the name-calling and doubled down.

“She has genuinely been a nasty little bitch to me,” Greene told Semafor, adding that there was “absolutely not” a chance the two could reconcile.

The two have been throwing barbs at one another all year in a messy drama that’s included name-calling, public sparring and even a fight in a congressional women’s bathroom.

The latest escalation came as the two lawmakers pushed competing impeachment resolutions against US president Joe Biden. Though neither resolution has gained much traction, Boebert managed to advance her resolution on Wednesday by procedurally forcing a vote ― earning Greene’s wrath.

Greene has said she’s miffed because Boebert “basically copied my articles” instead of joining her own effort, which she introduced back in January. (Boebert insists that’s not the case).

“I told her exactly what I think about her,” Greene told Semafor of the confrontation, accusing Boebert of introducing her own impeachment push “so that people will donate to her campaign”.


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