M&S Christmas Food Revealed For 2016 Including Chocolate Tortillas, Mini Hog Roasts And More

Talk about food porn.

It may be mid-summer and we should be licking ice lollies but after seeing M&S Christmas menu, we’re hunkering after mince pies. But then again, it might be this weather.

Each July, supermarkets showcase their Christmas menus, and the M&S menu has really taken the biscuit.

From fire-roasted tortilla chips dipped in chocolate to a succulent lamb crown complete with parsnip stuffing and red wine jus, here’s a look at the major food porn we’ll be Instagramming come winter time.

Here is a selection of the the tastiest-looking food porn.

Hog Roast On Mini Crackling Plates

Marks and Spencer

The classic hog roast has gone gourmet with these bitesize pork crackling plates, topped with shredded pork, sage and onion stuffing and drizzled with a caramelised apple sauce.

Hog roast meat with mini crackling plates (184g), £6

Tortilla Chips Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Marks and Spencer

These are the ultimate sweet and savoury combination: crunchy tortillas baked with red bell and jalapeño peppers, then dipped in rich dark chocolate.

Tortilla Chips Dipped in Dark Chocolate (125g), £2

10 Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg Mini Croissants

Marks and Spencer

Mini butter croissants filled with scrambled egg and smoked salmon, drizzled with hollandaise sauce.

10 Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg Mini Croissants (280g), £7

Shellfish Knickerbocker Glory

Marks and Spencer

Layers of decadent king prawns, lobster mousse and champagne mousse topped with king prawns.

Shellfish Knickerbocker Glory (260g), £8

Lamb Crown With Parsnip Stuffing & Red Wine Jus

Marks and Spencer

Two racks of tender lamb, carefully butchered and hand-tied into a crown, with honey roast parsnip and rosemary stuffing and a rich port jus.

Lamb Crown With Parsnip Stuffing & Red Wine Jus (925g), £40

Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake

Marks and Spencer

Chocolate cake layered with milk chocolate buttercream, with a hidden centre of golden sixpence chocolate coins, covered with soft icing.

Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake (1.3kg), £12

Cornish Cove Wreath

Marks and Spencer

Festive mature Cornish Cove cheddar wreath with juicy cranberries and apricots.

Cornish Cove Wreath (110g), £5

Chocolate And Passionfruit Star

Marks and Spencer

A chocolate sponge centre topped with white chocolate mousse and a passionfruit compote filling, surrounded by chocolate sponge and dark chocolate mousse filled with chocolate sauce.

Chocolate And Passionfruit Star (530g), £15

Christmas Cobbler Cocktail

Marks and Spencer

An American classic of the 1840s, this sherry cobbler has been given a twist with the addition of beetroot, a delicious and increasingly trendy cocktail ingredient.

The ready-to-drink cocktail combines oloroso sherry, rum, beetroot, calvados and apple.

Christmas Cobbler Cocktail (50cl), £12

‘No Big Dill’ Gin Cocktail

Marks and Spencer

A gin cocktail infused with dill and a touch of elderflower.

‘No Big Dill’ Gin Cocktail (50cl), £12

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