Mary Berry ‘Fires Agent Of 30 Years’ Fiona Lindsay

'It shows that even though she’s at 80 Mary is prepared to make tough decisions that she believes will benefit her career.'

Mary Berry has reportedly fired her agent of over 30 years, Fiona Lindsay.

The former ‘Great British Bake Off’ judge’s decision comes just weeks after the TV personality’s US ‘Bake Off’ debut, and has reportedly left those who know her surprised.

<strong>Mary Berry</strong>
Mary Berry
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

Sadly, the US version of ‘Bake Off’ didn’t get off to a great start when the series opener aired earlier this month, pulling in just 4.6 million viewers.

Meanwhile here in the UK, fans of the show are preparing for the final two episodes featuring Mary and Paul Hollywood, which will air on the BBC over Christmas.

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