'He Smelt Very Good – Odd That I Can Remember That' - Matt Forde Lifts The Lid On MPs He's Interviewed

The political comedian reveals who is the most fragrant MP

From Tony Blair to Nigel Farage, George Galloway to Tommy Robinson, comedian Matt Forde has interviewed a wide range of political figures over the past few years.

The former Labour Party worker turned stand-up comedian grills politicians for his highly-successful “The Political Party” podcast series, as well as on his TV show “Unspun”.

After popping in to Huff Post HQ on Wednesday to watch PMQs, Forde was asked to give his personal insight on some of those he’s interviewed, with crucial questions such as:

• Who was the cleverest?
• The funniest?
• The most fragrant?
• The loudest?

He also revealed how former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik left him genuinely touched, and slipped in some brilliant impressions of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and more.


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