Matt Goss Describing His Ideal Woman Is Peak Matt Goss

The Bros star loves an analogy. Or five.

If you thought Matt Goss came out with some memorable slash unintentionally hilarious lines in the Bafta award-winning documentary Bros: After The Screaming Stops, then brace yourselves.

The man who brought us WTF one-liners like “The best toy we had growing up was a dart. No dart board, just a dart” and “The letters H.O.M.E. are so important because they personify the word home” has been talking about what he looks for in a woman, and it really is quite something.

Matt Goss
Matt Goss
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Speaking to Press Association, the 50-year-old singer admitted he is wary of falling in love and laughs off the suggestion that he has become more popular with women since the BBC Four documentary aired.

Take it away Matt...

“I’m not fazed by beauty,” he said. “You can meet a beautiful woman, but if she’s got no lining it’s still going to end up being cold. So you want a beautiful coat but it needs to have a good lining too.”

The king of analogies continues: “As I’m getting older I’m very interested in internal beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a leg man. I love hands and a nice manicure and pedicure and heels.

“Women are beautiful, but if you meet a beautiful woman who is kind inside she just becomes 10 times more beautiful.”

Matt with his brother Luke.
Matt with his brother Luke.
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Matt, who is currently single, adds that he isn’t with anyone as his heart isn’t “robust” enough.

“I think I just don’t want to compromise my heart,” he explains. “I have very robust shoulders and I can take the weight of the world on my shoulders.

“But my heart is not as robust, so I need to be a little bit more cautious, because when I love, I love intensely. The most valuable thing I can offer a woman is my heart.

“I do think the memories that you acquire along the way are more enjoyable if you’re with someone you love, so it would be great if I was lucky enough to stumble across that, and the person could find me and I could find them.”

Beautiful. Oh hang on a minute.

Matt then adds that his ideal woman would have “a kind heart and a dirty mind”.

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The one-off show will feature the band playing their music, as well as Matt turning chat show host, interviewing celebrity guests such as Frank Bruno and Mo Farah.


And FYI, Matt said he “makes no apology for speaking in analogies and metaphors and similes”.

“I think the English language is a colourful language and we should use it in a more descriptive way and I’m unapologetic for that. I actually love words,” he said.

A Night In With Bros will be on BBC Four from 10pm until late on Friday July 19.

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