'Top Gear' Host Matt LeBlanc Left 'Shaken' During Incident On Set

"He said he needed a bit of time out, and reappeared a few hours later".

Matt LeBlanc was reportedly forced to take time out from filming ‘Top Gear’ in South Africa, after being left “shaken” by an incident on set.

The former ‘Friends’ actor is said to have come close to accidentally running over a member of the crew, when he took one of the show’s cars for a test spin during a break in filming last month.

According to The Mirror, Matt didn’t realise that a member of the crew was lying down on the ground as he prepared to hit the accelerator, leaving it to another member of the ‘Top Gear’ team to alert him.

Matt LeBlanc on the set of 'Top Gear' back in February
Matt LeBlanc on the set of 'Top Gear' back in February
Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc
Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc

Since head presenter Chris Evans began filming the new series of ‘Top Gear’ with the new additions to the presenting line-up, various on-set problems have been reported in the press, most notably a stunt filmed at the Cenotaph in London, which has now been scrapped after being branded “disrespectful” by critics.

Top Gear Filming In London

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