16/01/2021 12:27 GMT

Sweary Saturday Kitchen Host Matt Tebbutt Caught Out By Microphone In Live Gaffe

The latest edition of the BBC cookery show didn't get off to the smoothest start.

Saturday Kitchen host Matt Tebbutt was caught out by a microphone he didn’t realise was already live as he opened this weekend’s show. 

The TV chef was overheard swearing as he was unable to see the autocue for his first link on Saturday’s edition of the BBC cookery show. 

As the BBC One announcer was introducing the programme over one of the channel’s idents, Matt’s voice could be heard saying: “Bloody hell Murray, that’s miles away!” 

It then cut to Matt in the studio as he welcomed viewers to the show and said: “Good morning! We’re on a mission to brighten your day with some delicious company and fabulous food.”

And while Matt might not have realised viewers were able to hear his previous comment, it didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter...

Matt later addressed his gaffe live on air, saying: “I think I need to make an apology. 

“At the top – if you heard – I was having a chat to our man on the jib, Murray over there, and I do apologise because I think I swore. Sorry about that!”

Matt Tebbutt on Saturday Kitchen

Comedian Ed Gamble joked: “You really tried to drop Murray in that by naming him.”

“Well, to be honest, me and Murray are going to have a chat later about the distance the jib is away from my eyes,” Matt laughed. 

Chef Tom Brown joked: “That’s what you get for being such a diva, Matt.”

Of course, Matt is not the only person who has been caught out by not realising they were already live on air this week. 

Joe Wicks was left mortified when the camera caught him breaking wind as he prepared to introduce one of his live workouts on Monday. 

Saturday Kitchen Live airs on Saturdays at 10am on BBC One.