Matthew P Doyle Justifies Croydon Muslim Woman Confrontation 'Because She Was Wearing A Flag'

That's a headscarf mate

A man has regaled the world with a tale so astoundedly misguided you may want to sit down first.


Here we go...


Matthew P Doyle - who works in PR - clearly took matters into his own hands after the horrific terror attacks in Brussels by demanding an explanation.

From a Muslim woman in Croydon.

Who wasn't in Brussels.

Who had nothing to do with Islamic State.

Who may - although we can't confirm - have never been to Brussels in her entire life.

Instead of keeping his fruitless quest for answers to himself, Matthew tweeted it to the world instead.

On the plus side, it did provide ample opportunity for much mirth and merriment at his expense.

When asked by The Huffington Post UK as to why he had chosen to approach the woman, Doyle explained that her Islamic headscarf justified approaching her.

He said: "She was wearing a flag. If I was walking down the street wearing a jacket emblazoned with a Union Jack then I would be open to some abuse.

When asked if he approaches Jewish men wearing skullcaps to question them on the ongoing Israel/Palestine situation he exclaimed: "Absolutely not!"

After much mockery Doyle attempted to backtrack...

And even appeared contrite....

But that didn't last long...

And then this happened...

Doyle's Facebook page lists his occupation as "Partner at Grant Doyle Associates".

Fortunately for us all Doyle has a cunning plan...

Anyway, back to the piss-taking...


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