21/09/2017 13:42 BST | Updated 22/09/2017 11:02 BST

Netflix Pull ‘Maya The Bee’ Episode After Eagle-Eyed Viewer Spots Penis Drawing In Kid's Series

How did they manage to insert that?

Netflix have pulled an episode of the children’s animated series ‘Maya The Bee’, after a penis popped up in one of the scenes.

An eagle-eyed mum spotted the phallic drawing etched onto the inside of a tree trunk in the first season’s 35th episode, and immediately made her feelings known on Facebook.

Maya the bee (and chums).

“Please be mindful of what your kids are watching!!” Chey Robinson wrote, before sharing an image of the scene in question.

“I know I’m not going crazy and I know that something like this shouldn’t be in a kids’ show whatsoever.”

She added: “I’m extremely disgusted by it, there should be no reason my kids have to see something like this.”

*Warning: Penis drawing ahead. If you’re of a nervous disposition, look away now...


However, some parents accused her of overreacting, saying it was hardly noticeable.

One said: “Are you being serious? My kids would not look that closely at a tree trunk. Plus, they wouldn’t even know what that was.”

Netflix has since pulled the offending episode, which was animated by Studio 100, from its streaming service, but has yet to make a statement.

HuffPost UK have contacted them for comment.

It’s not the only controversy the animated series has been at the centre of. The author of the original 1912 book, Waldemar Bonsels, was as an outspoken anti-Semite who called Jews “a deadly enemy”.

Watch the full pulled episode of ‘Maya The Bee’ below...

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