McDonald's Worker Helps Feed Burger To Disabled Customer In Beautifuly Touching Photo

It might be fast food, but one worker proves he still has plenty of time to care.

A simple act of kindness by one McDonald's worker has warmed the hearts of thousands after he was photographed helping feed a burger to a disabled customer.

The touching photo was taken by a diner sitting near the pair, who was moved when she saw a caring staff member help the struggling man.

Li Ting, who took the picture at a fast food branch in in Chaozhou Town, Taiwan, earlier this week, praised the thoughtful worker.

Her caption on the picture posted on Facebook, which has almost 30,000 likes, says: "People like this in society are running out.

"The other day I went to McDonald’s with a friend to have a midnight snack, we saw this scene and were very touched.

"Not because of his actions and the exclusion of inconvenience to him.

"Instead, he was very loving towards that person and patient when he helped him to bite the burger.

"Thank you for helping him to eat a full meal so he can continue with his life."

A spokesman from McDonald's confirmed to Apply Daily that the incident took place at around 11pm on March 2.

They added the worker is a 19-year-old university student known only as 'He'.

He is said to be studying at Meiho University in Pingtung County and has worked at the fast food company in his spare time for two years.

The spokesman added that when the disabled man entered the restaurant, He asked him to wait upstairs.

When the teenager served the customer his food, He saw the man struggling to pick up his burger, so asked if he could help.

McDonald's said it would award the young employee for his act of kindness.

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