Meet The 80 Year Olds Sharing Their Best Parenting Tips For New Mums

These words of wisdom are worth noting.
Iris, Jean and Dorothy give advice
Lottie's care home
Iris, Jean and Dorothy give advice

We’re fast approaching this year’s Mother’s Day and to mark this special occasion a group of 80+ year olds have shared their words of wisdom for new mums and mums-to-be.

With decades of experience and having lived through many highs and lows, they’ve shared their practical advice for parents and parents-to-be across the UK.

With an average age of 89, Lottie’s care home residents have shared their words of wisdom.

‘Learn as you go along’

Joyce, 96-year-old, is a proud mother to her daughter Jane. Joyce’s sister also had two girls close in age to Jane and they spent lots of time together as a close family.

Her cherished memories of parenthood are big family holidays to the Isle of Wight and Cornwall.

This Mother’s Day, Joyce wants all parents to know “there are no rules, just learn as you go along” and everything will work out okay.

‘Be patient, don’t expect them to be perfect’

96-year-old Jean, remembers bringing her daughter Susan home for the first time, just like it was yesterday - especially as it was the day her husband quit smoking.

Jean described motherhood as being “lucky”. Her advice to all new mums is to always “be kind, helpful and tolerant. Don’t expect them to be perfect”.

‘Understand their needs’

Fellow resident, Brenda (80-year-old) also remembers bringing her three children home for the first time and “was relieved they were all happy and healthy”.

Brenda continued to work, once she became a mother but went part-time, so she had more time to spend with her children.

Brenda’s children were very adventurous and she would always be concerned that they would hurt themselves whilst outdoors exploring. Her advice to new mums is to “understand your child’s needs.”

‘Help your children as much as you can’

90-year-old Dorothy, adopted her son and daughter - Kevin and Tracey, when they were a few weeks old. After experiencing miscarriages, Dorothy was so “excited to bring her children home and look after them”.

Dorothy is proud to be a parent and now a grandparent to her grandson, Elliott. Her parenting advice for younger generations is “help your children as much as you can, try and always be a good parent and to tell your children the truth”.

‘Be honest with your children’

Iris (85-years-old), is also championing the different journey’s women take to motherhood, as she shares her role as a “surrogate mother to her nieces and nephews.”

Iris has three nieces and one nephew, “who all grew up too fast!” She is “pleased, proud, and privileged” to have helped her brothers and sisters-in-law bring up their children. Iris’ favourite family tradition is spending Christmas together - and is happy her family still sticks to this tradition now.

Her advice is to ‘be honest with your children’.

If you’re ever feeling lost as a new mum or mum-to-be, you can always look back at these quotes and remind yourself of the bigger picture.