Six-Year-Old's 'Message In A Bottle' Found Washed Up On Beach In Denmark

The boy was based in London.

A six-year-old’s message in a bottle was made its way from London to Denmark.

Carsten Hornecker found the crumpled note from Freddy Marr in a bottle that had been washed up on a beach in Udsholt Strand, Denmark.

The man took to Facebook to share what he’d found and tried to locate the young boy.

Hornecker’s post was shared nearly 4,000 times and a picture was also uploaded on the Facebook page ‘Lostbox’ - a ‘lost and found’ service.

Social media users in London who had spotted the status began tweeting out using the hashtag #messageinabottle on Thursday 4 July 2016.

Thanks to the power of social media, Freddy and his family were located.

“Thank you to our Lostbox community. A friend of Freddy’s family spotted our post,” an update read.

We’d love to know Freddy’s response when he found out how far his note had travelled.

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