Michael Gove Tweets About Freedom Of Press And Article 50 Ruling, People Rip Him Anyway

'Turn it in you tart.'

Michael Gove has made a series of observations about the High Court Article 50 ruling after returning from a trip to the United States.

In a series of 12 tweets, the MP for Surrey Heath mused on freedom of the press in the UK and the independence of the judiciary in the wake of heavy criticism of the judges involved in last week’s decision.

Although eloquently argued, this is the internet so naturally a lot of people took the Michael out of Michael.

1) The Intro

2) The Lay Of The Legal Land

3) Three Wise Men

4) The Good People

5) Three Not Just Wise But Also Brilliant Men

6) #LestWeForgetVoltaire

8) Ah, Good Old Godwin

9) The Sinners And The Unwise

10) Better Than The EU

11) The Damning

12) The Conclusion

Theresa May’s spokesman has said he does not think the judiciary is being undermined by extreme coverage of the successful Article 50 legal challenge.

The Guardian reported he refused to condemn any of last Friday’s front pages, despite widespread criticism of the coverage in a number of papers, including the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sun and Daily Telegraph.

He said: “I don’t think the British judiciary is being undermined.

“I’m not commenting on newspaper coverage.”

The comment prompted some to criticise May online...