article 50

The petition is due to be debated by MPs on Monday.
By contrast, a pro-Brexit petition on the Parliament website which urges the government to leave the EU without a deal received half a million signatories.
More than 300,000 people signed it in just three hours on Friday morning.
If MPs want a real opportunity to rethink and agree on an alternative Brexit deal, it would be wise to press for a longer extension than May has so far proposed
Extending the Brexit process will lift uncertainty in Westminster, but will do little to reassure businesses and consumers there is light at the end of the tunnel
Kicking the can down the road with an extension to Article 50 will only lead to more corrosive uncertainty and disruption
We’re running out of time and the government doesn’t seem to have a plan for what happens next – whatever your view, the risks from no-deal are just too great
Not only would this end the panic, leavers would have the opportunity to go away and come back with a genuine plan