23/03/2019 14:51 GMT

These People's Vote March Signs Will Help You Laugh Through Your Brexit-Induced Stress

"EU okay, hun?"

Thousands of demonstrators of all ages have descended on Westminster to demand a final say on Brexit, with many bearing impressive placards.

Demonstrators donned blue and yellow berets while waving EU flags above the crowd as the march slowly made its way to Parliament Square.

Marching for a so-called ’People’s Vote – a second referendum allowing the public to choose between different terms of exit and the option to remain – protesters are making their points heard in creative ways.

‘The Great Brexit Closing Down Sale’

The Brexit Code

This one best demonstrates how the past 1,000+ days have all been a bit of a drag. (Sorry).

If the numbers on Nigel Farage’s counter-march are anything to go by...

Less is more here.

The Swedish flatpack furniture giant has been contacted for comment.

A ringing endorsement.

It’s 2019 and nothing is complete without a Marie Kondo reference.

Organiser James McGrory said: “We are expecting hundreds of thousands.”

He said the demo was being held amid a “crisis” surrounding Brexit with less than a week until the UK is due to leave the EU.

The UK automatically leaves the bloc at 11pm on 29 March if laws are not changed to reflect delays agreed last week.

“If you look at what was promised in 2016 it bears no resemblance to the Brexit that is actually being delivered,” McGrory said.

“A people’s vote isn’t an option in this Brexit crisis, it is a solution to this Brexit crisis,” he added

An e-petition calling for Article 50 to be revoked is set to reach 5 million signatures this weekend.