Michael Gove Gave A Speech With His Flies Unzipped

'Gove unzipped'

Michael Gove has been laying low since his failed attempt to seize the leadership of the Conservative Party and subsequent ejection from government by Theresa May.

But he returned to the political fray on Tuesday to engage the SNP over any future Scottish independence referendum.

The former justice secretary and chief Brexiteer used a Westminster Hall debate to criticise the idea another referendum should be triggered by Nicola Sturgeon’s government in Edinburgh.

But as the Daily Record reports, SNP MPs found it hard to take him seriously - because his flies were undone.

According to the paper, a note was passed to one of Gove’s aide to warn him the now backbench Tory MP was “flying low”. One MP told the Daily Record: “We were meant to get Gove unplugged, but what we got was Gove unzipped.”

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