Millennials Hit Back At Baby Boomers Who Say They Spend Too Much On Avocado And Coffee

We see your set of expensive china plates that only come out on special occasions.

It is no secret that baby boomers and millennials don’t always see eye to eye.

Whether we are talking politics, financial spending or what constitutes an acceptable breakfast (here’s looking at you avocado), different generations can have a very different view of the world, and how to best live your life.

Now millennials, who are tired of being told by millionaires that they can’t buy a house because they’ve overspent on small luxuries (including lunch), have taken to Twitter to fight back with their own examples of unnecessary spending.

Steph from Nottingham pointed out that the generation who criticises her, and her peers for overspending, are the same ones who buy fancy chinaware they never use.

And she wasn’t the only one who had this experience.

Other Twitter users decided to share their own examples, including having a whole separate living room that you aren’t allowed to use.

A situation that is blindly infuriating to millennials, many of whom are reportedly putting off having children because they can’t afford to move out of rented property.

Then there is the decoration inside the house. Including towels and other items that are for ‘guest use’ only or just to look at.

Then of course don’t forget the redecoration of your entire house when it no longer fits the new colour scheme.

Then of course there is the second car.

So can we please stop hating on millennials for buying small things that make a life without housing, paid work and retirement security a little more bearable? Thanks.