Woman Has Date With Herself After Being Stood Up, Live-Tweets The Whole Thing

'It was great.'

When Mimi Black travelled to Glasgow for a date, the last thing she expected was to be stood up. But that’s sadly what happened.

Rather than getting upset about the ordeal and heading home, Black decided to seize the opportunity to enjoy some alone time.

So the 21-year-old continued her date with just herself for company and live-tweeted the whole thing.

Well played.

Black tweeted pictures of her date alone, which were then shared more than 5,000 times.

She wrote on Twitter: “It took courage for me to even go, so instead of getting upset I wanted to joke about it and enjoy myself!”

Firstly, Black ventured to Ann Summers and treated herself to some lingerie in the sale. She then headed to a bar and sipped a Sex On The Beach cocktail.

Peckish from her shopping trip, she mooched to McDonald’s and bought herself a wrap and an ice cream sundae.

She then headed home, tried on her new lingerie and posted a photo of it on Twitter.

“[If I] wasn’t stood up I wouldn’t have saw [the] Ann Summers sale,” she wrote. “Who’s the real winner?”

Black concluded: “People will fuck you over. It’s up to you what you do about it.”

As for her date, Black let her 32,000 followers know that he had apologised for standing her up and it was “all good” between them.

“Won’t be hearing from him again,” she wrote. “Genuinely wish him the best!”