Playing 'Mini Metro' Is One Of The Most Calming Things You Can Do

Improve your commute with a game about...commuting

Game of Phones: Every week I’ll pick a new game for iOS or Android that’s perfect for long journeys, the commute or just when you want to switch off from the outside world.

Who would have thought it, one of the calmest commutes I’ve ever had was while playing a game on my phone about, commuting.

Dinosaur Polo Club

‘Mini Metro’ is a subway simulator that challenges you to create your very own version of the New York Subway or the London Underground.

This is not some snore-fest of numbers and employee management meetings, instead you simply use your finger to drag and draw brand-new lines upon which trains then carry the city’s commuters.

Dinosaur Polo Club

And what beautiful lines they are. Each map has been lovingly recreated using each city’s own metro system and the minimalist interface is gloriously intuitive.

Be warned though, as you increase the size of your subway so too will the number of commuters increase and with great responsibility comes slightly increased pressure.

Dinosaur Polo Club

The game never moves into the realms of being actually stressful rather choosing instead to gently hover around being quite challenging. Once you get the hang of it though it quickly becomes a mindless addictive escape from the noise and bustle around you.

Download it immediately but don’t blame me when you miss your stop.

‘Mini Metro’ is available to download on iOS and Android and costs £2.99 and £4.29 respectively.


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