Miriam Margolyes Admits She Didn't See Funny Side Of Her Explicit Jeremy Hunt Radio 4 Tirade

The Harry Potter actor made headlines last year when she dropped the F-bomb while discussing Hunt during a live interview.
Miriam Margolyes pictured in 2017
Miriam Margolyes pictured in 2017
David M. Benett via Getty Images

Miriam Margolyes has admitted she didn’t exactly see the funny side after her explicit Jeremy Hunt blunder last year.

Back in October, the Bafta-winning actor dropped the F-bomb at around 8.30am during a live interview on Radio 4’s Today programme.

“I never thought I’d be sitting in the seat that Jeremy Hunt has just sat in,” she told presenters Justin Webb and Martha Kearney.

“The thing is, when I saw him there, I just said, ‘you’ve got a hell of a job, best of luck’. And what I really wanted to say was, ‘fuck you, bastard’. But you can’t say that!”

While the clip quickly began doing the rounds on social media, with many finding the whole debacle hilarious, it seems Miriam wasn’t one of them.

“I didn’t get into trouble except with readers of the Daily Telegraph, the Sun, the Express and the other unmentionable rags,” the Harry Potter actor told The Guardian.

“I gave myself a lot of stick because it was totally unintentional.”

She insisted: “I did not know that the microphone was on. I was shaking all the way home in the taxi. I was really upset because Radio 4 is a holy temple.”

Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Hunt
JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

In the same interview, Miriam added: “People have this idea that I’m a walking cesspit. I think it’s quite unfair.

“I take great care in the words I use and when I use swear words, I mean to use them. I don’t like a loose use of filth. I like a precise use of filth.”

Miriam previously told The Times she was “mortified” after her F-bomb moment, claiming: “Nobody would believe me, but I did not know the microphone was on.”


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