Lush's 'Salty' Body Spray Is Designed To Smell Like The Beach. We Tried It

Spoiler: it doesn't smell like fishy water and damp sand.

Wanderlust has never been stronger. The pandemic has made us forget what it’s like to lounge in front of breezy oceans and sandy beaches and boy, do we miss it.

Good thing, then, that Lush has a new body spray that bottles up all that. That’s the theory, anyway.

The spray, called Salty, is described as “perfect for those looking to be instantly transported to the coast for a burst of fresh ocean breeze”. Its core note is salt, which, according to Lush, is “an increasingly sought after note in the world of fragrance”.

When we got wind of this new launch, we were a bit skeptical – as much as we love the beach, we don’t love its fishy odour and that sticky summer scent.

The bottle is a signature sleek and black, as you would expect of Lush products, priced at £30 for 200ml, created with vegan ingredients. But is it more Bahamas or Bogna Regis? We had to try it out to see.

The reviewers 💁‍♀️:

Faima Bakar, Life reporter: Likes sweet, floral fragrances. Fave (boujie) perfume: Louis Vuitton Rose De Vents. Also Si by Armani.

Habiba Katsha, Life reporter: I like Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent and generally sweet smelling scents.

Want a salty new spray?
(Picture: Lush)
Want a salty new spray?

“The spray does in fact remind me of a beach.”

“I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of body sprays. I had a very limited experience of using Victoria Secret body sprays during secondary school but I didn’t get the hype around them. I prefer fragrances or oud. Nevertheless I was intrigued to try this body spray from Lush as the scent is set to remind you of a beach.

“The bottle is a pretty standard black spray bottle with a small description of the spray on the front. There’s a seal on top of the spray that is quite difficult to open but eventually, we get there. The spray is definitely very salty and does in fact remind me of a beach. A few sprays would work or else it might smell too much.” – Habiba Katsha

“I used it as an air freshener (sorry, Lush).”

“I was excited to try this out because I love summer scents, but sadly I didn’t enjoy this as much as I hoped. I was expecting maybe a fruity, beachy fragrance but to me, it just smells like men’s perfume. I sprayed it on my wrist as instructed on the bottle but it just felt too strong (maybe I sprayed too much). It’s quite pungent and not the light, floral fragrance I was anticipating.

“Having said that though, I used it as an air freshener (sorry, Lush), and it smelled much better to me, possibly because it was more dispersed. I would probably keep using it to make the home smell good, as opposed to wearing it on my body.

“In terms of longevity, the smell did last a while on my skin, so definitely one for you if you want your sprays to last.” – Faima Bakar