Millie Bobby Brown Admits To The Most Karen Behaviour Imaginable

“I’m a Karen.”
Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

Millie Bobby Brown has revealed her one unpopular restaurant habit, confessing that she can also be a bit of a “Karen” when it comes to the service industry.

The Stranger Things star shared her unpopular dining opinion on the Table Manners podcast hosted by Jessie Ware and her mum Lennie.

“You know what I hate? Waiting a really long time to order,” Millie said (via Metro). “I’ve already looked at the menu in the car on the way here and when they’re like, ‘We’ll just get your drinks orders and then come back’, I’m like “No, no, no, stand here, let’s just take the whole thing. It will make your life easier.”

The Damsel actor continued that another peeve of hers is waiting a long time to pay for the meal. “And then waiting for the bill, you know when they put it down on the table but then come back half an hour later?

“I’m like, ‘Let me give you my card just right now and I must go on a walk to walk this food off.’”

The Enola Holmes star went so far as to brand herself a “Karen”, a term which has come to mean an entitled and often rude middle-aged white woman.

The admission came when Millie also confessed to writing reviews for restaurants and hotels that have left her unimpressed.

“Here’s the thing, my whole life is people criticising me, so I’m going to give it back to you,” she said. “We were at a hotel and the woman was pulling my fiancé aside saying that we needed to settle the bill and I was like, ‘We will at the end of our stay.’

“She said, ‘You could settle it now’ and I was like, ‘Hmmm, I don’t want to.’

“So I left a review that said, ‘I really think you should encourage guests to complete transactions at the end of their stay’, I think it’s important.”

“I’m a Karen,” the actor declared. “I think it’s important to know where you went wrong and there’s always room for improvement.”

Back in October, Millie came out in defence of child actors against unwarranted attacks from adults.

Speaking to Glamour, she reflected on instances of adults calling her names such as “an idiot” and “a brat” during her early press tour days promoting Stranger Things, adding, “I was just penalised for overtalking and oversharing and being too loud.”

Millie’s most recent film, Netflix’s Damsel, came out this month, but hasn’t gone down too well with critics.


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