People Can't Get Over Millie Bobby Brown's Accent During Her Latest Interview

"I know she’s been in America for a long time now but omg..."
Millie Bobby Brown on The Tonight Show earlier this week
Millie Bobby Brown on The Tonight Show earlier this week
NBC via Getty Images

Millie Bobby Brown really made people sit up and pay close attention when she stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s US talk show earlier this week.

On Thursday night, the two-time Emmy nominee paid a visit to The Tonight Show where she discussed her engagement to fellow actor Jake Bongiovi and her new Netflix film Damsel, as well as introducing her dog to the fans in the studio.

However, there was one thing that really stood out to viewers. Yes, we’re talking about her accent.

While Millie was raised in England to British parents, she later relocated to Florida as a child, and began her acting career in the US.

She initially rose to fame as a young teenager in the drama Stranger Things, and while her character spoke with an American accent, Millie herself always had a British twang in interviews.

But during her latest chat with Jimmy Fallon, viewers couldn’t help noticing she sounded much more American than usual.

Meanwhile, over on YouTube, the comments section was also full of people picking up on Millie’s Americanised intonation.

“Why does she have an American accent?” one viewer wrote, while another agreed: “I thought she was English?”

“Her American accent… the last time I watched her [being interviewed], her British accent was so so strong!” another fan commented.

A different fan noted: “Her British accent is barely there anymore… I know she’s been in America for a long time now but omg it used to be SO strong.”

Some even claimed her accent was still in transit, remarking: “Her accent went from British to Australian then American.”

Of course, Millie is far from the only Brit to pick up a Transatlantic lilt after moving across the pond.

While promoting his latest album Harry’s House, many noticed that Harry Styles had picked up a bit of an American twang – and let’s not even get into his former bandmate Liam Payne’s interview after the 2022 Oscars…


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