Jimmy Fallon

"It is now in the town lore," the Breakfast Club star said of her daughter's real-life party that was busted up by the cops.
The actor told Jimmy Fallon "it was amazing" before quickly clearing things up.
Erivo, who is set to play Elphaba in the film adaptation of the musical, described what "just works" between the two.
The "Wonka" star didn't candy-coat Sandler's best ability on the court in a funny exchange with the "Tonight Show" host.
The Anyone But You actor told Jimmy Fallon that the crew thought she was "making really serious dramatic choices" in a scene intended to be funny.
The Buzz Lightyear voice actor gave an update about the iconic animated film franchise on "The Tonight Show" this week.
"I’m going to give you all a few seconds to process that," the Tonight Show host told his audience.
The former US president is ticked that the late-night hosts are back and already making fun of him.
The late night host's medical appointment didn't go as he expected. What happened next was even stranger.