Kate Winslet Names The Hollywood A-Lister Who Gave A 'Dreadful' Audition For The Holiday

"I thought, ‘That’s bad. That’s not going to work. Who is going to tell him...?'."
Kate Winslet in The Holiday
Kate Winslet in The Holiday
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Kate Winslet has revealed she almost had a very different A-list co-star in the classic Christmas rom-com The Holiday.

The beloved 2006 film is a festive favourite thanks to its all-star cast and heartwarming plot, which follows two women who swap homes over the Christmas holidays and find love on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

In the film, movie trailer editor Amanda (Cameron Diaz) falls for book editor Graham (Jude Law) while newspaper columnist Iris (played by Kate) finds a spark with movie score composer Miles (Jack Black).

But the Titanic star has revealed that there was another big name in the running to play the role of her on screen brother Graham, which ultimately went to Jude.

Speaking during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kate remembered that Robert Downey Jr. originally auditioned, as did Jimmy himself.

“I remember it extremely well, I really do,” said Kate, who had already been cast in her role. “I thought it was just a reading, like a fun reading of the script. I didn’t know it was an audition for the part. I am so sorry you didn’t get it.”

Jimmy was auditioning for the role of Miles, while the Oppenheimer actor was in to read for Graham.

“Robert Downey Jr. then did an English accent but I thought it was an Australian accent,” Kate added. “I thought, ‘That’s bad. That’s not going to work. Who is going to tell him that sounds dreadful?’”

Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr
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Even the Iron Man star has addressed the issue of his own accent shortcomings in the past, recently revealing on the Howard Stern Show that Kate roasted him for having “the worst British accent I’ve ever heard”.

Later in the interview, Kate revealed that more people come up to her in the street more about The Holiday and the episode of Extras she appeared in than Titanic.


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