08/09/2017 10:10 BST

Mollie King Talks Biggest 'Strictly Come Dancing' Fears Ahead Of Launch Show

And it's not even dance-related!

Mollie King has opened up about her biggest ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fear, ahead of making her debut this weekend.

The ‘Hair Down’ singer is currently gearing up to hit the dance floor for the first time in Saturday night’s (9 September) launch show, and has opened up about what she’s most nervous about… and it turns out it’s not even related to her performance.

When asked by HuffPost UK on ‘BUILD’ about what was keeping her up at night, Mollie admitted: “This sounds so stupid… but you know at the start when they say, like, ‘Mollie King!’?

“And you’ve got to wave at the top of the stairs? And you’ve got to look glamorous? And then you’ve got to walk down the steps in [big heels]. I don’t want to literally tumble down them, then get up, rearrange myself. I just really want to look graceful doing that bit.”

Nicky J Sims via Getty Images
Mollie King on 'BUILD'

She continued: “And I don’t want to forget the routine, but that’s why I need a strong man! I just need somebody to keep me going and doing the right moves, if he’s holding me there and he’s got me, I’ll feel a lot better that I’m not going to just spin off out of control.”

When we asked how she found the idea of the nation watching her week after week, Mollie confessed: “When we’ve been rehearsing this group dance, you can’t help but look at each other and think, ‘we’re going to be doing this in front of millions of people on Saturday night’, so that is definitely always in the back of your mind.

“And you try to kind of bat it away, but you can’t help think, ‘oh my gosh, what do I look like doing this move?’.

“I just hope that I look half-decent because you don’t want to look like a complete wally in front of that many people.”

Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images
Mollie at this year's 'Strictly' red carpet launch

Mollie and her fellow ‘Strictly’ contestants make their dance floor debut tomorrow night, at 7pm on BBC One.

The launch will see the celebrities partnered up with the professional dancers for the first time, as well as introducing new judge Shirley Ballas, and paying tribute to Sir Bruce Forsyth with a poignant performance from the professional team.

Watch Mollie’s full ‘BUILD’ interview, where she discusses new single ‘Hair Down’, her best memories of being in The Saturdays and why people shouldn’t overestimate her ‘Strictly’ abilities just because of her pop background below:

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