Monday Motivation To Get You Through The Week

You're gonna be so, so motivated after this.

Mondays are hard. We all know that.

Especially when the weather's nice, and you've got to spend all day at work - boo!

So here's a few things that might help keep you motivated through the working week.

Like this husky who really wants you to get out of bed

And this dog who knows all his dreams can be achieved

This cat who knows you've gotta go out and get what you want, it won't come to you

These majestic slow motion puppies who won't let anything stand in their way

This adorable little guy who knows the importance of relaxation

And cleanliness

This kitten who won't let anything stand in her way

This little loaf of cuteness who knows exactly how we all feel on a Monday morning

And whatever this is

This cat who likes to join in with her friends

And this dog who's really living like a king

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