13 Highly Relatable Tweets About Returning To Work In The New Year

Getting your brain back into gear for 2023 is no joke.
Khosrow Rajab Kordi / EyeEm via Getty Images

The Christmas holidays are well and truly over (for most people) this week, and normal life is resuming.

But, after shutting off our brains and mindlessly eating mince pies / cake / turkey / nut roast / chocolate for the last two weeks, it’s not exactly easy – no matter how wholesome your new year resolutions are.

Don’t worry though – you’re not alone. A quick look on social media suggests pretty much everyone is feeling the struggle this week.

Procrastination has already reared its head...

As has that famous “I don’t really want to do the work today” song

Because who’s really happy about being back at work?

We all know that post-Christmas feeling

Including tears and pleading (naturally)

Eastenders GIFS are our friend right now

And this screenshot from Countdown has never been more apt

There’s the odd hype-up tweet

But mostly, this TikTok totally sums up how we’re feeling