26/09/2018 16:55 BST

Moonpig Is Really Annoyed That You Keep Sending Them Pictures Of Your Genitals

"We have one guy who’s particularly good at spotting them."

Roger Wright via Getty Images

Moonpig has been forced to issue a plea asking the British public – that’s you – to stop sending them pictures of their genitals.

The personalised greetings card manufacturer told HuffPost UK it receives “at least two or three” submissions a day that “infringe our terms” and this number rises to as many as 20 around Valentine’s Day.

When asked if any long-suffering members of staff were routinely being bombarded with pictures of genitals, they said: “We have one guy who’s particularly good at spotting them although a couple occasionally slip through the cracks.” 

And for anyone thinking that it’s probably one gender that dominates the saucy submissions, they added: “And yes, the girls are as bad as the boys.”

The plea, made in a tweet, received a predictably fevered response, gaining 15,000 likes at the time of writing.

No-one admitted to being a sender themselves, but there were many people apologising on behalf of others.

Anyway, you’ve been told now, so stop it.