14 Reasons Why Morning Sex Is The Absolute Best

Who needs coffee?

We are definitely not morning people and the alarm clock is our worst enemy, but waking up is remarkably easier when sex is on the cards.

With none of the pressure of the night before, not to mention a really warm pillow to rest your head on, is there any better start to the day?

Here are the 14 reasons why we should all stay between the sheets a little longer tomorrow morning.

1. You get an instant reward for having managed to wake up.

2. You don’t have to move from your bed to initiate it.

3. You don’t need to set an alarm clock.

4. You are already warm cocooned under the duvet.

5. You can get away with wearing socks and pyjamas and no one even cares.

6. You are still sort of sleepy.

7. You actually remember this one without wine fogging your brain.

8. You aren’t under pressure to show off your sexual repertoire.

9. You can just stick to spooning sex.

10. You get breakfast at the end.

11. You need to have a shower and get clean anyway.

12. You are overachieving before the sun rises.

13. You get a boost of good hormones to get you through the day.

14. You sit at your desk knowing you had an orgasm an hour ago.