Morrisons Slammed For Selling Plastic Halloween Apple Bobbing Kits

"What's wrong with an old bucket?"

Morrisons, which has made a number of announcements in recent months about steps it is taking to reduce plastic packaging, has been slammed for wrapping apples in plastic as part of a Halloween apple bobbing kit.

The supermarket is selling a plastic orange bowl of apples, which are also wrapped in plastic.

Keen-eyed shoppers spotted the festive product, and hit out at Morrisons, with one person on Facebook asking: “What’s wrong with an old bucket??”

One person on Facebook wrote: “Apples in a plastic bag in an apple bobbing kit. Surely no one would be that silly. What’s wrong with an old bucket?? 🤬

The complaints, which were first reported by Cornwall Live, follow a backlash last week against Poundland, which pulled a range of plastic carving pumpkins.

Shoppers tweeted photos of the pumpkins, with one person writing: “If only there was an environmentally-friendly alternative that wouldn’t create a tonne of litter and destroy our oceans and it’s inhabitants... You know, like an ACTUAL PUMPKIN.”

HuffPost UK contacted Morrisons but the company had not responded at the time of writing.