Reddit Users Discuss The Most Ridiculous Baby Names They've Ever Heard

Strawberry Rain.

It goes without saying that all children are special; but sometimes parents surpass themselves when trying to find a unique name for their baby.

Reddit users have been discussing the most ridiculous names they have ever come across, from newborn babies and children to adults who have to carry the the burden of their “unusual” moniker (not to mention having to spell it out a hundred times a day).

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1. Strawberry Rain

“My coworker named her baby ‘Strawberry Rain’ which would be a great name, if she’d given birth to a bottle of shampoo,” said Captainmagictrousers.

2. Kimyonce

“Kimyonce. Her parent is apparently a fan of Beyoncé and the Kardashians,” said PandaAttacks.

3. Dolphin

“I was at the grocery store not too long ago, one older lady asked me what my baby’s name was, then said her grandson was the same age. I asked his name, she reluctantly said ‘Dolphin, but we call him Finn...’” said Mayflower7.

4. Azmataq

“My daughter went to primary school with a boy called Azmataq [pronounced asthma attack],” said zuzu2010.

5. Panther

“There was a girl at my high school whose name was Panther. She had the best sense of humor about it, though,” said penny_666.

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6. Storm and Tempest

“I was once a school photographer and a parent named her twin daughters Storm and Tempest,” said Schmabadoop.

7. Sexy

“Sexy…I kid you not. Someone thought it a good idea to name their baby girl that,” said Kflynn1337.

8. Nevaeh

“A lady I work with, her granddaughter is named Nevaeh. When she introduced her, the mom said ‘It’s heaven backwards’,” said sprinklesandcake.

9. Pleasure

10. Kleenex

“There was a German couple who were giving birth in the same ward where I was born (in Germany). They didn’t speak English, but wanted to give their daughter an American name. They settled on Kleenex,” said filthycommiepinko.

11. Terran Highmen

“Once heard of a girl named “Terran Highmen.” Just let that one sink in a bit,” said AlienKitty.

12. SoUnique Miracle Randle

“When you get your AOL username confused with your baby name,” said jester_hat.

But our favourite has to be, MooPig48, who confessed that he knew somebody with the name Fallopia.

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