The Most Searched For Sex Position By Brits May (Not) Surprise You

Very British problems or what.
Surprised by this top sex search?
Ilya Ginzburg / EyeEm via Getty Images
Surprised by this top sex search?

What do you search for when you’re in that mood? Ok, you don’t have to tell us, but you might be interested in hearing what everyone else is looking for. The sex position searched for more than any other in the UK may even surprise you.

Or not. Given that it’s the good old missionary position.

Yes, you read right. According to the 2022 Global Sex index, researched by men’s healthcare brand, From Mars, Brits are one of the horniest nations in the world, but our search history suggests that we are not so adventurous.

To put this in context, the top sex position searched by global internet users is doggy style, with missionary close behind, and cowgirl taking third spot.

When it comes to sex toys, however, Brits are way more curious, racking up 3,422 average monthly searches per 100,000 people. That’s more than a thousand more than our close neighbours, Ireland, who are next on the list.

And we like our porn too – while Americans and Canadians search for more than any other counties, the UK comes in at number three, based on data from Pornhub’s Year in Review.

An even deep dive throws us a particular penchant – ‘lesbian scissoring’, for example, saw a 401% increase in search interest from the UK, year on year.

Canadians also demonstrated this increased appetite for lesbian videos, while they were also 72% more likely to view female orgasm content. That’s one way to support female power, we guess.