Back To School Supplies: Mum Sums Up Why Parents Should Try To Enjoy Shopping With Kids

'Love of learning starts with you.' 🖍📚📖

The summer holidays have barely even started and already there are adverts about the back to school supplies you have to buy, causing many a roll of the eye.

But one mum is encouraging parents to find joy in the shopping trip with their kids, after feeling like everyone around her was complaining.

Rachel Martin, from the US, who blogs at Finding Joy, said she was in a shop getting school supplies and the whole experience was “disappointing”.

“I don’t know if it was the day or time or what - but [the shop] felt like it was just full of complaining,” she wrote on Facebook on 29 July.

“Complaining about the notebooks or pencil count or the number of crayons. Maybe I just stepped in the wrong aisle at the wrong time. If we want them excited about school doesn’t it start with us?”

Martin said if parents build excitement about back to school supplies, then it’s likely their kids will get excited about the upcoming school year, too.

“I get that it costs money, I get that,” she said. “I get that the lists are crazy long and with that one green plastic no prong folder that sells out on week one.
I get that money can be tight.

“But no matter what - your, our, words matter.

“Those vivid crayons markers will tell stories, the hand sanitiser will keep them healthy, the grid paper will provide order and the erasers will correct.

“They listen. Love of learning starts with you.”

Commenting on the post, one person wrote: “You are absolutely right: we set the example on everything. Thank you for this reminder. We hold so much power and knowledge. It’s in us to share with our children.”

Another parent commented: “So true. Why fight it? Be happy and excited with your babies and they’ll be excited too. I can’t freakin’ wait.”