Bathroom Sign For Parents Will Give Mums And Dads A Couple Of Minutes' Peace When They Go To The Toilet

Make one pronto.

Parents know only too well that the time you spend in the bathroom is probably the only time you’ll get alone until the kids are in bed.

That is, until they barge in and demand attention while you’re mid-wee.

So if you’re struggling with this issue in your house, feel free to take advice from the mum below who made a hilarious bathroom sign for her kids.

“If mum is in the bathroom, you are NOT allowed to: 1) Knock unless the house is on fire or someone is bleeding and/or dead,” the sign, posted to Practical Parenting on 6 March read.

Other rules include not being able to scream questions if the shower is running and not waiting within inches of the door.

“Slipping notes” is also forbidden, according to the mum’s sign, and she advises her kids to ask themselves whether they can survive “two minutes without mum”.

Seems pretty simple, right?

The sign has resonated with other parents who find it hard to get a moment’s peace and has been shared 12,000 times in one week.

“Yesss, I need one of these,” commented one mum. “Every time I get in the shower my five-year-old is always knocking on the door because he has to pee or he wants something. Drives me insane.”

Another wrote: “Oh how I remember the days when the only way to get a bit of privacy was to lock myself in the bathroom. This is brilliant.”

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