Mum Decides To Have 'The Talk' With 9-Year-Old Son After He Overhears Parents Having Sex

'I'm traumatised.'

“I thought daddy didn’t want another baby?”

Just like that, Mel Watts knew she was going to have to talk to her nine-year-old son about the birds and the bees.

The innocent question was posed by her son Ayden, after he overheard her having sex with her husband the night before.

Watts, who is a mummy blogger, retold the excruciatingly awkward tale on Facebook and Instagram, alongside a series of selfies looking mortified.

“I’m traumatised. His dad is traumatised. His biological dad will be traumatised.”

Watts went on to explain that she had been debating when to give her son ‘the talk’. But days before his tenth birthday, the decision was taken out of Ayden’s parents’ hands, when he overheard Watts and her husband Nolan have sex through the “thin walls”.

She explains that she is mortified because it wasn’t “amazing passionate sex”.

“He heard ‘well that was a waste of a load’ from me and oh my favourite part ‘that was the worst’ curtesy [sic] of the husband,” she wrote, adding: “So as you can imagine the things the 9 yo was hearing wasn’t exactly nice.”

Watts jokes that she is going to become celibate for the time being, and that Ayden’s dads (her husband and Ayden’s biological father) are going to have the talk with him on Sunday.

“It was an honest mistake and I felt terrible!” Watts told The Huffington Post UK.

She explained that she went to check of Ayden before going to bed, as she does every evening, and she thought he was asleep. It turns out that he was pretending, he was even snoring to feign sleep.

Watts public admission has spurred many other parents to share their stories of being caught in the act.

One wrote: “My kids were in bed upstairs while me and hubby got carried away downstairs in the living room. My 6 yr old daughter came down found us both starkers in a compromising position. Poor kid was traumatised. My 9 yr old asked what was wrong and I simply told him ‘ur sister caught me and dad having sex’ his reply was ‘omg how embarrassing!’”

Another added: “I had my 9yr stepson asking if I was ok cos he heard me breathing funny and heard dad get up for a towel he asked me this on the bus the next morning I wanted to crawl under the chair.”

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